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Cable tray manufacturers supply - how to buy the most cost-effective cable tray

Cable tray manufacturers supply - how to buy the most cost-effective cable tray
Cable tray manufacturers supply - how to buy the most cost-effective cable tray
Company:Fuzhou Yuexiang Machinery Co., Ltd.
Information Name: Cable tray manufacturers supply - how to buy the most cost-effective cable tray
Update Time:2015-08-08
Price Description: RMB/
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Cable tray manufacturers supply - how to buy the most cost-effective cable tray Fuzhou Yuexiang Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2005-06-29, is an operating cable bridge limited liability company. We have the spirit of "integrity management, reputation first, quality first, hard service" business philosophy to customer needs to provide high quality, safe and reliable cable tray. If you are interested in our products, you can call 0591-83807585 Contact Yejing for details. Since its founding, the importance of the establishment of the service system and emphasis on team culture. After years of development, Yuexiang already have a sound service system, to provide customers with the most comprehensive and effective localized services and applications support. My company's cable tray mainly wholesale; retail; direct sale is made by way of the land and other products to the customer. Yuexiang now mainly to promote the cable bridge. We will ship as soon as possible after your order, ensure that your goods timely and intact to your hands. The customer has no special requirements under the premise of default to land the way the goods fast and safe delivery. If you order Yuexiang cable bridge, we will in both parties time delivery, please buyers to the arrival time. As for freight, we are buyers and sellers negotiate freight. You can use bank transfer; online payment; deposit payment against the bill, after the product is sold, we also provide quality service. Less, cable tray good reputation, cable tray manufacturers, cable tray and best quality information should be useful for you the best of cable tray, cable tray Which is best, where to buy cable tray, cable tray Changle, Luoyuan cable trays please read the following information Power: 0W Model: yx cable tray Brand: Yuexiang Type: Bridge Production Address: Fuxing Investment Zone in Fuzhou (tricyclic side) Manufacturer: Fuzhou Yuexiang Machinery Co., Ltd. Application: Cabling Repairs Region : National Service Region: National Product Grade: High Price: Discuss what kind of cable tray quality is the best? Of course, Fuzhou Yuexiang Machinery Co., Ltd. to offer! Yuexiang with the market sensitive sense of smell and high-quality products, good service and reliable business reputation has a world of their own in the field of power distribution transmission equipment industry. If the customer needs of the company's products are interested, you are welcome to personally visit our company and negotiate. Address Fuxing Investment Zone in Fuzhou (tricyclic side if you are on our supply cable tray, cable tray price range, supply manufacturers of cable tray, cable tray www.fzyuexiang.com horsetail are interested, please feel free to visit Fuzhou Yuexiang Learn more about Machinery Co., Ltd
Contact Detail
Company Name: Fuzhou Yuexiang Machinery Co., Ltd.
Employee Number: 11 - 50 persons
Annual export: 2,500,000 - 5,000,000 CNY
Year Established: 2005
Contact Person: Mr. Yejing(Manager)
Telephone Number: 0591-83807585
Company Address: Fuzhou Fuxing Investment Zone (tricyclic side), Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, China
Zip/Postal Code: 350000
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